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Customer Feedback

younescle encrectApr 30 2023 11:00AM
Javier SanchezexcellentMar 12 2023 8:13PM
rajanot working codeFeb 25 2023 12:40PM
KenDidn’t workFeb 6 2023 12:41AM
Don EdmundTanks, but the phone can't key in number when no sim card .it keep on displaying insert sim card and wen I insert sim card it will tell me to insert proper sim card just like that I have changed series of sim card but it refused to accept. Nece6Jan 22 2023 8:48AM
terrancei need the unlock code for a samsung s22 model sm-s901u ......imei is 356666980839060Dec 19 2022 6:57AM
Feysel AdemAin see the errorsSep 29 2022 7:16PM
YterGoodSep 23 2022 2:13PM
ThataGoodSep 23 2022 2:08PM
PosvPermanently lockedSep 15 2022 6:43PM